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Together We Build To The Community
United We Are More

Organization Papagayo

We are a non-profit organization 501(c)3 founded in 2017 located in Denver, Colorado characterized by the engagement with people in vulnerable situations without distinction of origin, beliefs, ethnicities, culture, race, or gender.

It is possible that your gift does not arrive at all, but sure that will come to many!

About the Fundraiser

We've Benefited More than 10,000 People

Donations are directed to humanitarian aid, programs, and events.

Fulfilling Our Mission

Active Programs

To promote the development, growth, comprehensive, personal, social, and cultural. 


Latino Entrepreneur

Do you want to have your own business and do not know where to start?

Do you have a business idea but do not know how to develop it?

This training Program is for you.



Promotes the creative development of children through learning and experience to develop a Work of Art from the hand of the Artist Oscar Olivares.


Humanitarian Aid

Inputs, location, logistics, and social assistance for migrants vulnerable in our community.





 Ayuda Humanitaria

Humanitarian Aid




Learn About Our Upcoming Events

Through our events we make contributions to the community, for the benefit of your well-being and entertainment



Fiesta 5K Sentir Venezolano

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Together we can help thousands of people


Find out about the latest events
and Community Activities

Find out about the latest community events and activities


Emergency fund

Supports to Live Wellness and Papagayo with your Emergency Fund

Your support matters

In Partnership, the organizations Live and Wellness, and a Parrot are responding to the emergency needs of asylum-seekers and migrants arriving to Denver, Colorado, offering the following comprehensive services, cultural and linguistically appropriate:

1. We provide human connection through the emotional connection with the immigrants using practices informed about the trauma (developing trust and, therefore, creating relationships that can help immigrants through the admission to the self-sufficiency).

2. Admission process to gather as much information to achieve that connect them with organizations and resources partners.

3. Help with resources, such as passes RTD, prepaid phones, browsers transport.

4. Donation center and browsers that organized, packaged and delivered the clothes and items of basic necessity to shelters and families.

5. We offer enrichment programs to their school-age children until they have identified a school, and programs with extracurricular activities.

6. Housing assistance by providing the deposit and rent for a month, groceries so that they can achieve self-sufficiency.

Our Mission to the End is the following:

1. For Guests that make Colorado your Home: helping Them to achieve self-sufficiency through understanding and compassion. Develop a Program of community integration, which aims to help new families to settle in safe homes in Colorado. The program culminates at the proportional to the deposit and the rent of your new home.

2. For the Guests of step: to Assist in the navigation of your journey to your final destination, bus schedules, education about where they are going, connections and make sure that they arrive to you safe.

3. For all Guests:
Cover basic needs Connection, Feeding, personal Hygiene, Medications.