Latino Entrepreneur


3 months duration. This program is held every year.


Denver, Colorado, USA




In-person - Online

Designed to Create Success

This program intends to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of the community, implementing and developing business educational training, coaching, mentoring, networking and connection with resources and experts. Latino Emprendedor is a program that strengthens the entrepreneurial culture sponsored by Alpine Bank in collaboration with strategic partners of the Colorado business ecosystem.

Latino Entrepreneur has a duration of 40 total hours, which are divided into four modules. These modules are designed so that entrepreneurs obtain the tools to design and manage their venture. Each module is made up of online classes and group and individual technical advice. The classes will be a space to learn and enhance your skills, as well as the delivery of practical tools that will help you boost your business. The consultancies and techniques are specially designed to deepen and evaluate the learning of each module and, in turn, the vision of each venture.

At the end of the program, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to be one of the three winners of an economic incentive for the development and implementation of their business idea. ♥️


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"To Emprender, you need to find knowledge that helps you organize all the ideas of what to do, how and when. With the Latino entrepreneur program we were able to achieve it. We feel honored to have participated in this program and to have been able to acquire so much knowledge for our business. Thank you so much"