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Organization Papagayo

We are a non-profit organization 501(c)3 founded in 2017 and located in Denver, Colorado. We are known for commitment to people in vulnerable situations without distinction of origin, beliefs, ethnicities, culture, race, or gender.

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values

Influence through programs that foster the development of educational, comprehensive, social and cultural development of the community in Colorado.

To be recognized for the impact on the welfare and development of the community in Colorado. Offering the opportunity to evolve that generate hope, tolerance and social responsibility through project-driven Organization Papagayo.

  • TRANSPARENCY: Manage responsibly the resources for the fulfilment of our mission. 
  • EXCELLENCE: We set goals and we achieve a greater impact with actions and activities to the community.
  • INTEGRITY: Care for others, responsibility, and kindness in our actions.
  • UNIT: We believe in the potential of team work and collaboration with other organizations and institutions to enhance synergies in the interest of the
Together We Build To The Community
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People Helped

"Giving Love"

Fulfilling Our Mission

United we Create Communities of Impact

Daily actions coordinated with volunteers and other organizations make it possible to bring relief to thousands of people.


We create programs that generate opportunities for development of social, economic, cultural and overall well-being.


We generate spaces to integrate communities, to assess and promote the diversity of cultures.

Humanitarian Aid

Program designed to assist communities in vulnerable situations without distinction as to race, sex, language, religion, political opinion, nationality, economic status or any other status.


Solidarity action organized, which involves commitments to help the community.

Our Management Team

Team Papagayo

We are a team of professional, responsible and proactive; our motivation is based on compassion and commitment to see each individual fly your parrot-free, independent, and successful.

Marielena Suarez

Chief Executive Officer

Katherine Urbina

Chief Operating Officer

Jennifer Barbera

Chief Marketing Officer

Daniel Castillo

Public Relations Director

Maritza Vegas

Chief Financial Officer

Us Build A Better World

Regardless of our terms and conditions, talents and backgrounds can be an important part of the Organization Papagayo Oh together We are More!


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