Promoting and Supporting the Venezuela Renaissance Dance School in the Parade Of Lights Denver 2022

The Bagpipes Sounded in Denver

The Parrot Organization @organizacionpapagayo  and the Renaissance Venezuela Dance School @venezuelarenaciente2019  We are very happy to have represented our Venezuela in the Denver Parade of Lights.

Event organized by:

@9newsdenver @downtowndenver @afwonline @kosi1011 @lyft @xcelenergy @davita @greatclips @5280magazine  @denairport  @coloradostateuniversity  @thecrazymerchant  @denver_water  @united

Grateful with all my heart

We want to thank our entire community for the great support and receptiveness, it was very nice to hear that they shouted Venezuela during the tour and showed the national tricolor.

Thanks to all the volunteers, dancers, parents and supporters who made this possible. Each of the costumes was made by the dancers themselves, the lights were glued on one by one, many hours of rehearsal, time, effort, dedication and a lot of love invested were definitely worth it. @dianameneses02 our standing congratulations for the beautiful work you have done with these guys 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 we are proud of you ♥️

Special thanks to @corinakoeneke @cujifoods  @solzachaudenver_realtor and to the Hispanic Coalliton Group of Denver for their contributions to the purchase of the lights.


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